Our range of products

Our company offers you a wide range of drawn brass, aluminium and copper tubing.

Brass       Aluminium     Copper

Messing-Rohre Brass:

Brass consists of copper and zinc. This alloy offers great strength and enhanced malleability. Due to its superior processing properties. It can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Albert GmbH &Co KG has been supplying brass tubing mainly to:

-the electrical, riveting, sanitary and musical instruments industries
-brush clamp manufacturers
-ballpoint pen manufacturers

Our most commonly used brass alloy is CuZn 37 ( = MS 63) but we also use small quantities of CuZn 38 Pb 1,5 ( = MS 60).


Due to its excellent physical properties and its light weight, this compound is becoming increasingly important in industrial production. Our main customers for this material are in the automotive, aviation, musical instruments and furniture industries.






Copper is a flexible yet tough heavy metal and offers a hight degree of malleability. It also offers good thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper tubes and pipes are used in the electrical, sanitary and heat exchanger industries.

Albert GmbH & Co KG processes mainly SF-Cu and occasionally E-Cu. A pecial CuNi alloy is also available.

Our company has specialised in manufacturing thin-wall non-ferrous metal tubes in the following dimensions:

Outside diameter:      smallest possible size: approx 3-5 mm
                                  largest possible size:               70 mm

Wall thickness:           smallest size: approx 0,2 mm
                                   largest size:   approx 3-4 mm

Our standard products include the following alloys:

Brass:   CuZn 37
CuZn 30
CuZn 38Pb 1,5
Aluminium:   Al 99,5
AlMgSi 0,5
AlMgSi 1
AlMg 3
Copper:   SF-Cu
(on request)

The above alloys are available cut to length and in coil form.

We would be happy to supply you with other special alloys tailored to your individual requirements.


Below is a small selection of the end products that use our tubing:


Messing-Ringe für den technischen Bereich

    metal dowels

metal rings for technical applications


Rohr für Schminkpinsel           

              brush clamps

         cosmetic brush tubes

         Rohr für Giftspritze im Gartenbereich

          tubes for the aplication of garden chemicals

"Tüllenrohre" Trachial-Kanüle

“Grommet” tubes

       tracheal tubes


                   cartridges for ballpoint pens